23. - 27. October 2024

23. - 27. October 2024
Bloom & Grow Retreat in Mallorca

Spend unforgettable days in this beautiful corner of the world. The "Bloom and Grow" days take place at Agroturismo Son Fogueró on Mallorca. Son Fogueró offers us a uniquely idyllic location. Feel the Mediterranean air and experience nature up close.


We bring exciting people together.

Our focus
Health on all levels* Find inspiration, recharge your batteries, create an inner vision, expand your consciousness and shape your life. Inner growth and joy are the focus of the days. We support you in staying healthy and finding out what is really important to you, finding your path and creating a personal vision.

Possible reasons to take part in the retreat
You are looking for inspiration, your health, to find out what is essential for you, you feel burnt out, want to take a break, desire for personal development, want to recharge your batteries, physical complaints such as back pain, insomnia or panic attacks, feel stuck, want an adventure, want to go on vacation, enjoy yoga, mediation and breathwork, expand your network, self-care, curiosity and joie de vivre, open to new things.

5 days in which you can concentrate completely on your experience.

This is how you will spend your time
You can expect a morning yoga class, thought input, individual reflection and journaling, wonderful food, group work, conversations, time for yourself, meditations and transformational breathwork, all tools that will support you in the process of a healing inner transformation.

12 participants are allowed.

Day 1: Inner Journey
Day 2: What flower are your?
Day 3: Cultivate the field
Day 4: Watering and fertilizing, - care instructions
Day 5: Take aways

Retreat costs
Double room for two
1,719 euros to 2,080 euros per person.
(depending on room category)
Double room occupied individually
2,190 euros to 2,910 euros
(depending on room category)

The price includes accommodation, snack and dinner (vegetarian & vegan) breakfast, yoga, breathwork, meditation, inspiration circle and all teaching units

Casual / chilled. Swimming and yoga clothes, jacket or sweater and long pants for the night.

The programme of the retreat "Bloom and Grow" was so rich and multi-layered from the beginning. Already on the first day there were many valuable inputs that complemented the daily asana practice in a holistic way. I felt picked up, safely guided and inspired to grow. Above all, I was touched in my heart and soul.
The retreat definitely made me think. I was able to recharge my batteries and experience incredible emotions and great conversations. I am happy to have met Diana.
I found the programme absolutely coherent. I am impressed by the diversity of the content and was richly blessed. I take a lot with me that I want to integrate into my everyday life. I feel strengthened and at the same time I feel a pleasant calm. The ambience was also simply wonderful.
I really like the combination of yoga and beyond and it does justice to the inner journey. Through Diana's support, a new door has opened for me and I am now on an exciting new path that is doing me incredible good. I am becoming freer in my thoughts, room to manoeuvre is opening up, confidence and trust are spreading. I can simply be.
The retreat definitely made me think. I was able to recharge my batteries and experience incredible emotions and great conversations. I am happy to have met Diana.
I really enjoyed the programme and felt very inspired. I feel like I have the energy to implement what I learned in my daily life. I feel very motivated to continue with yoga and meditation, I will make room for it in my very busy life. I personally wouldn't change a thing and I am very grateful to Diana for this wonderful experience.
23. - 27. Oktober 2024

Mallorca Retreat 2024

Lasse dich im kommenden Jahr auf eine Reise zu innerer Ruhe und Selbstentfaltung entführen! Umgeben von der Natur und fernab vom Alltag kannst du neue Energie tanken und dich mit anderen Gleichgesinnten austauschen. Ich arbeite noch an den Details für die kommenden Retreats und werden bald weitere Informationen bekanntgeben. Melde dich jetzt für die Warteliste an!

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23. - 27. Mai 2024

Spring Retreat 2024 Bridge, Vals

Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation and growth at the unique retreat in Vals, Switzerland. With yoga, meditation, workshops and nature activities, we create space for regeneration and connection with ourselves and others. A chance to escape the daily grind and return invigorated.

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