23. - 26. Mai 2024

5 Day Retreat in Son Foguero -
20. bis 24. Oktober , Mallorca

Experience a time-out in nature and dive deeper into yourself at the retreat in the unique retreat location of Vals, Switzerland. With yoga, meditation, workshops and nature activities, we create space for relaxation, regeneration and growth. Connect with yourself and others and return to your everyday life strengthened. Sign up for the spring retreat!

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A retreat in nature to escape the stress of everyday life, consciously enjoy every moment and be in harmony with the landscape, peace and well-being.

The days are about a kind of spring-cleaning for the soul, health on all levels*, finding inspiration, recharging your batteries, moving, talks. Breathing training, enjoying and reflecting on your own life. Inner growth and joy are the focus of the days.

The location
Brücke 49 is a wonderful retreat for our retreat. An ideal location to recharge your batteries, take time for inner growth, space to get things moving, do yoga and explore the breathtaking mountain scenery. This Bloom and Grow Retreat is ideal for people who want to recharge their batteries and consciously bring their own garden into bloom. A wonderful self-care program in a stylish setting.  Brücke 49 is a beautiful cozy Bed & Breakfast. The carefully designed interiors offer the ideal atmosphere for special moments.

5 days in which you can completely concentrate on your experience.

Start am 23. Mai um 16.00 Uhr mit dynamischem Yoga Flow und erstem Kennenlernen.
Abreise am 26. Mai nach 9.00 Uhr Brunch und Verabschiedung.

7.30 bis 9.00 Uhr Yoga
9.00 Uhr Brunch
10.00 bis 16.30 Uhr Freizeit für gemeinsame Wanderungen, Therme Vals, Einzelcoachings, Massagen, Journaling, Jogging, Me Time.
16.30 - 18.00 Uhr Bloom & Grow Workshop (Atemtrainings und Talks)
19.00 Uhr Dinner
21.00 bis 21.30 Uhr Meditation

1'772 CHF für ein Doppelzimmer einzeln belegt.

Der Preis behinhaltet Unterkunft, Snacks und Abendessen (vegetarisch & vegan) Frühstück, vier Yogaflows, drei Breathtrainings, Inspirationstalks, Meditation, sowie alle Unterrichtseinheiten sowie ein 50% Gutschein in der Therme Vals.

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The programme of the retreat "Bloom and Grow" was so rich and multi-layered from the beginning. Already on the first day there were many valuable inputs that complemented the daily asana practice in a holistic way. I felt picked up, safely guided and inspired to grow. Above all, I was touched in my heart and soul.
The retreat definitely made me think. I was able to recharge my batteries and experience incredible emotions and great conversations. I am happy to have met Diana.
I found the programme absolutely coherent. I am impressed by the diversity of the content and was richly blessed. I take a lot with me that I want to integrate into my everyday life. I feel strengthened and at the same time I feel a pleasant calm. The ambience was also simply wonderful.
I really like the combination of yoga and beyond and it does justice to the inner journey. Through Diana's support, a new door has opened for me and I am now on an exciting new path that is doing me incredible good. I am becoming freer in my thoughts, room to manoeuvre is opening up, confidence and trust are spreading. I can simply be.
The retreat definitely made me think. I was able to recharge my batteries and experience incredible emotions and great conversations. I am happy to have met Diana.
I really enjoyed the programme and felt very inspired. I feel like I have the energy to implement what I learned in my daily life. I feel very motivated to continue with yoga and meditation, I will make room for it in my very busy life. I personally wouldn't change a thing and I am very grateful to Diana for this wonderful experience.
23. - 27. October 2024

Mallorca Retreat 2024

Let us take you on a journey to inner peace and self-development in the coming year! Surrounded by nature and far away from everyday life, you can recharge your batteries and exchange ideas with other like-minded people. I am still working on the details for the upcoming retreats and will announce more information soon. Sign up for the waiting list now and be the first to know when and where the next retreats will take place!

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