Who is Diana Nicoli?

The question "Who am I?" is one of the most difficult questions we can be asked. Our identity is shaped by many factors that have been with us since childhood. My name is Diana, I am a mother of three children and I have a strong passion to discover and embrace life again and again, even if it sometimes seems difficult and insurmountable. In doing so, it is important to use our sources of strength and go our own way to save ourselves.

I pursue my dreams with courage and authenticity.

As a practitioner of yoga, meditation and breathing techniques for 20 years, I have discovered that Breath Work is a powerful tool to guide us to ourselves in everyday life. With our breath we can influence our autonomic nervous system and feel ourselves again.

My friends say that I inspire people and make them grow. I pursue my dreams with courage and authenticity and love to share my strong light with others. Through my travels and thirst for knowledge, I have created a stable foundation to realise my vision and mission - to help people realise their full potential and shape their lives in a positive way.

My milestones


Yogastark Rebranding Bloom & Grow


Training as a Breath Work Facilitator with Alchemy of Breath


Workshop-Leader at Greenschool.com, Bali


Stay abroad in Bali and further training with various healers of all kinds, e.g. Shamanic Dreaming with Alberto Villoldo, Art of Tarot Reading with Thom Pham Heart of Stars, Handpan with Zhenya Topov,


Svasta Yoga Therapy Training


Training Thai Yoga Massage


Sale of Focuswater to Rivella


Training Yoga with Children


Foundation of Yogastark


Training Yoga Teacher BDY/EYU" at the YOGAKADEMIE


Foundation and development of the drink Focuswater - The Vitamin Water


Graduation Marketing Specialist MBSZ Zurich


Matura, Diploma Teacher Training College

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