Mental Coaching

Your path to more well-being and success

Mental coaching is a powerful form of coaching that aims to improve your mental and emotional states and achieve your goals. With Mental Live Coaching, I guide you on your path to a better life. I offer a holistic toolbox that supports you to develop your mindset, increase your confidence, manage stress and anxiety and overcome limiting beliefs.

Live your life to the full
Our life is a constant process that is connected with ups and downs. I help you to go through this process with joy and curiosity, so that you can develop to a degree that bathes your life in a bright light.

The Coaching-Tools
I offer a range of tools that can be adapted according to your needs and personality types. In authentic conversations we find out together what is best for you at the moment:

- Liberation from negative beliefs
- Meditation
- Yoga
- Breath Work

- Buddhist philosophy
- Strengthening the energy flow
- Thai yoga massage and aromatherapy with essential oils
- Shamanic techniques

Let's work together to improve your mental and emotional state so you can achieve your goals and optimise your wellbeing.


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